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2018 Design Trend Recap: the boldest design trends for the year

It may be hard to believe, but it’s almost 2019. That’s why we’re taking the opportunity to pause and look back at Freshome last year. We explored a lot in 2018. But what really left its mark? What daring tendencies have reshaped our homes and perhaps even our lives? Which ones have enough power to survive until 2019 and beyond? Let’s find out as we face a brief summary of the 2018 design trend.

Everything is fine with color

Yes, the neutrals are still – and will always be – important. But 2018 has invited us to blow up our preconceived notions about color theory and have some fun. The jewel tones have begun to leave their mark on the scene, inviting us to amplify the saturation and give our spaces a sense of richness. Previously off-limits colors were welcomed in our homes. Black is also distinguished by a decidedly trendy and luxurious color for walls, floors and furniture. And as we have expanded our color palettes, we have also expanded the way we use color. The days of a single accent color are over. In 2018, the layering of several different accent shades helped a room to shine.

And beyond the simple choice of colors to be implemented in your home, 2018 has been a year to explore where you also use those colors. Often the forgotten spaces like the foyer, the ceiling and the front door have new perspectives of life thanks to the impulse to add lively and interesting shades everywhere in the house.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the overload of color options? Do not worry We have a guide on how to balance the bold colors to help you.

Maximalism begins to leave its mark

No trend summary of 2018 design would be complete without a dip in maximalism. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably noticed that home design seems to be tending towards more. We just talked about how we started making our raid more colorful. We also opted for more patterns and textures, such as captivating or moody floral backgrounds, interesting kitchen backsplash and colored grout. The most is to fill a space with the things you love and that bring you joy, and we took the opportunity in 2018.

Among all the different domestic changes we are exploring in this summary of the 2018 design trend, we believe that maximalism is the one with the greatest power.

The captivating lighting prepares the stage

Of course, our parents told us not to stare at the sun. But in 2018, it was difficult not to fix the light – at least, the lighting we brought into our homes. The time of boring and basic lighting that only does the work is over. This year we brought the pendant lights from simple to really something. Suddenly, you could find them in architectural forms and mixed textures hanging in new and exciting configurations.

And we did not even stop with the pendants. This year, many designers and decorators have risked the unique and original lighting. Even the humble light of the ropes has obtained an important update and greater use this year. Some of the trends may not survive this late 2018 design trend, but some – like abstract metal chandeliers – are certainly starting to enjoy their time in an incredible light.

Natural and industrial blend

In 2018, we finally began to find ways to marry our innate greed for nature with our love for the elegant simplicity of industrial design. It was thanks, in large part, to the concrete mania. Suddenly, we were pouring cement for our countertops, floors, shelves and more. As a key element in industrial design, cement gives an elegant smoothness even if it imitates natural stone. With the cement installed, we had our canvas to bring other natural textures into our homes, like the green walls and the rough wood.

We have also tried to plant life to soften the boundaries of industrial and minimalist spaces. Potted plants are having a moment, but you’re not limited by open space. In 2018, hanging and hanging plants had a great development. We even added vegetation to our roofs. This year we have mixed natural and industrial. It seems that we finally understood how to eat our cake and even eat it.

What trends did you notice when you saw the Freshome cover in 2018? Which ones would you like to know more about? What have you jumped into this trend summary of 2018 design? Let us know! We are coming to a new year and we are excited to explore 2019 design trends with you!

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