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How to make the black walls work in your house

Are you looking for the next big trend for your home? So you may want to take a look at the black walls. At first glance, it may seem that the black walls are too depressing, they close in a space or openly collide with other elements in the room. In addition to this, they have the reputation of being the chosen color for the rebellious boys.

However, if you know how to work with black walls, they can be a classy and majestic addition to almost all types of rooms. Read on to learn how to work with this bold and creative trend. And even if you’re not ready to take the plunge with a style statement, it can be inspiring to see how some house designers have made a bold style like black walls work.

Use colorful elements in the room

When the rest of the room’s design is not properly taken into account, the black walls may close in space and give a gloomy and depressing atmosphere. However, the photo above shows how the black walls can easily be offset by more colorful pieces in the room, such as bed linen.

You can work in color in space in various ways. You can use bright, neon-painted furniture to return bold colors to the room. This creates a funky and artistic style. Or you can use lighter white pieces, such as a large calendar on the wall or pieces of art. The photo above also shows how to combine a black wall with a large window can balance lights and shadows in space.

Go for the accent walls

If you want to try the black walls, you do not have to take the big step to paint all four walls in a black room. The photo above shows how a simple accent wall can give you the elegant and imposing appearance of the black wall’s tendency without dominating the space. As the photo shows, the accent wall fits well with other black accents in space, such as the carpet and the door frame.

In the meantime, the rest of the space may consist of light neutral shades so that the room is not too dark. Neutrals like the gray sofa and the white floor do a good job of compensating for the black elements.

Use a black and white color scheme

So that black is not too oppressive, another idea is to work with a combination of black and white colors. You can see the principle in action in the picture above. The tall, wide white elements in front of the wall do a good job of breaking the black. All these elements lead to a well balanced geometry in space.

Using this idea, you could even have a black wall and a black floor, as long as it is balanced by white moldings and white furniture. And you could go modern, like in the picture. Or you can add classic elements like a black and white design for a refined and majestic style.

Match the black walls with an adjacent bold wall

Yet another idea is to pair the black wall with some bold wallpaper or paint on an adjacent wall. This style works well when you match a black wall with an abstract silver background, which you can see in the picture above. The abstract design of the brush keeps the space modern and fun.

Another idea is to pair a black wall with an adjacent geometric design in black and white. This matches the black wall and balances the space with some added light nuances. And by choosing a classic geometric design, you can keep the area elegant and refined, which is the feeling that every black wall can give to a space. The added black and white photography can also correspond to the combination of colors in space.

Think of the plot

If you want black walls, do not think about simply painting the walls. The photo above shows that you can also get black walls by choosing a dark tile design. And using a thin white stucco between the tiles, you break the all-black look with a lighter texture for the style. The white stucco is fine even with a light sink and a tub, as in the picture. The clear color helps the grout and the rest of the space to function as a single visual unit.

The photo above shows how well this style works even in a bathroom. But you could also use the design of the tiles in a kitchen, especially as a backsplash.

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