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How to make the perfect gallery grid in your home

When an old trend of interior design is renewed, it is like a breath of fresh air. The gallery grid, a new interpretation of the gallery wall, is the last one. Read on to learn all about this breakthrough on a classic. Find out why it works so well and how to recreate the look yourself. Trust us when we say you do not want to miss this.

What is a gallery grid?

In interior design, all trends are cyclical. The gallery grid is not different. With this return, we see a more refined version of the gallery wall. While the traditional gallery wall was focused on eclectic care and positioning, the gallery grid offers a more personalized approach to displaying wall art.

The gallery grids are entirely focused on the structure. While the display can involve any type of artwork, the way they are hung is the key. The gallery grids can be vertical or horizontal and involve two rows or ten. But they must present evenly hung prints that come together to form a square or a rectangle.

Because this look works

The standard gallery walls are fantastic, especially if you like the eclectic look, but they can get a little unruly. Before you know it, an entire wall is covered by a multitude of different works that have very little – if nothing else – binding them together. Believe it or not, having to accept all those stimuli is really overwhelming for us, psychologically.

Everything has to do with the way our brain processes information. According to Gestalt Psychology, although our eyes take separate information, our brains boil everything in a singular, simpler and more recognizable pattern. With a traditional gallery wall, this could be impossible. A gallery grid, however, makes it easy.

In fact, the gallery grids are based on repeated patterns. First of all, no matter how many pieces of artwork are used, it is always an even number. There is also a coordinated color scheme or an argument that brings together individual works of art. Pattern recognition is very simple with these arrangements, which is why we tend to see them as aesthetically pleasing.

How to take out your personal gallery

Now that you know what this trend is and why it works, the next step is to learn how to put one of your own together. Although this process is fairly simple, we have some tips you can keep in mind to help you ensure your gallery is always great

Find a theme

The first step in designing a gallery grid is the selection of the different works of art that you intend to use. Rather than choosing any piece you like, you’ll have to build this arrangement around a theme. You can go with a thematic or color based theme, but you have to have a sort of thread to tie the look together

Work in even numbers

As we said above, your gallery can be as large or small as your heart desires. It can contain all the rows and columns you want. However, if there is a rule to follow absolutely, it is that the grid must contain an even number of works. It will not work differently


When creating a gallery, measurement is the secret of success. Not only does it need to include an even number of pieces, but each of these pieces must be evenly spaced. The spacing also ensures greater symmetry and keeps the finished product shiny. In this case, do not eyeball, break the tape measure.

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