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The garage doors are not just for garages

Both garages and garage doors have come a long way. Homeowners are deciding to turn their boring garages into shows. And while the garages become more elegant, it is natural that the garage doors also evolve. But who knew that they would become so elegant that they were now used as design elements in other applications?

Should homeowners follow these trends or stick to more conservative uses for garage doors? Below are some of the interesting ways garage doors are used, along with tips on how to implement them by architects, real estate agents, and the people who make some of these garage doors

Glass garage doors

As you can see from the photos above and below, Dan Nelson, AIA, Head of Designs Northwest Architects, does some projects with glass garage doors. “We have implemented projects where customers use glass overhead doors to open the rooms to the outside and we have also installed a glass overhead door in our office that serves as a security door between the stairwell and our office” , says Nelson to Freshome.

“Glass overhead doors are a very economical way to open large areas of a house to the outside, and are usually less expensive than a door with multiple slides,” he explains.

How else can these glass garage doors be used? Rob Reyes at Glass Garage Doors & Entry Systems says his company has installed them in almost every room in the house. “We have installed them in bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, family rooms, dens, swimming pools, caves for men and caves for women, and more.” Reyes says the company has also installed glass garage doors in restaurants, bars and other commercial spaces

Dos and what not to do

If you’re considering a glass garage door to revive your home, these are some things you need to know. “If you use glass overhead doors between inside and outside, use an insulating glass and make sure you have a good weather seal on the door jamb and head,” Reyes advises.

It also warns against going cheap. Understandably, most consumers are looking for the best price. “However, this entails a huge cost to the end user in terms of energy losses from inflated cooling and heating bills,” explains Reyes.

Also, the economic doors will not pass the building inspection if the permits are pulled. “We’re finding out that most people are not getting permission to have these ports installed, and so they’re using a leaky illegal door – but, of course, it’s less expensive,” he says

Trend value / resale?

These roll-up glass garage doors are definitely beautiful, but how will they affect the resale value of your home? “Rolling garage doors are still popular, but I only see this functionality in more expensive homes,” says Rick Gehrke, real estate agent with RE / MAX Executives in Boise, ID. “They can be huge stores, especially if you have a view or you live in a hot area,” he explains. Gehrke states that these types of glass garage doors definitely increase the value of a home and believe that they will continue to grow in popularity.

Matt Van Winkle, founder and CEO of RE / MAX Northwest, agrees. “If space supports it, this is a very interesting design and a way to create interior / exterior space.” Van Winkle states that these doors are an excellent alternative to folding or sliding doors and appeal to buyers.

However, John Manning, managing broker at RE / MAX On Market in Seattle, WA, states that it depends. “This style works best when integrated into the design of the house – more chic contemporary / industrial looks like the best – and works with the use of the garage or the room.” If the garage door will only be used for cars, a standard door. “However, if the roll-up door is insulated and used as an intelligent substitute for walls, it could be a nice feature that gives the indoor environment a certain expansion outside”.

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